It only took a moment for her to realize why there was a painting of a woman in her dress in the middle of the Picasso exhibit.


As one man wrote on Reddit, he had been planning the proposal for weeks, but his girlfriend had no idea that there was something special in store when they visited New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

He had painted himself proposing to his girlfriend, and while they browsed through the artwork, his brother and sister-in-law stealthily hung the proposal painting next to a Picasso.

A lot of planning had gone into that moment, right down to making sure that his girlfriend was wearing the dress in the photo. He wrote:

“I knew she’d be wearing that dress because I had her mom buy it a few weeks in advance for her and then convinced her to wear it that day.”

And while he tried to find a museum that would allow the proposal, in the end, he had to go big and hope for the best:

“I had asked a few other small museums for permission to do this and none obliged so I just said, “F it,” and decided I just do it at the biggest museum I could think of and ask for forgiveness rather than permission.”

Worried about damaging the Picasso room, his co-conspirators used a command strip to stick the proposal painting on the wall. They also practiced until they knew it wouldn’t peel off any paint when they removed it.


Then came the moment when it was time to reveal the painting to his girlfriend. He wrote:

“After I was given the signal I brought my girlfriend to the painting where she began immediately began crying when she realized that the painting was of what was about to take place. I bent the knee and she nodded yes as tears traveled down her rosy cheeks.”

A cousin captured the moment on film before security arrived:

“Soon after I rose back to my feet, we were greeted by a less than happy guard who told them to remove the painting from the wall and suggested that we leave. After a few more quick photos, the gang left the building and the rest is history or should I say…art history.”

He says that he was pretty sure she would say yes, as they have been dating for five years, but did have a backup plan if things went wrong:

“If it was going to go bad, I was hoping she’d say no, then [I would get] arrested and have someone videotape me crying as they dragged me away and it [would go] viral.”

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