Jared Evans, 32, took the firefighter/paramedic oath to protect and serve citizens with compassion, courage and integrity throughout his career. He has has worked for the Sacramento Fire Department for two years.

As a seasoned professional, Evans was entrusted with supervising first responder students and recruits.

During that time, he has upheld his oath … but that all changed during a routine call in April.

According to KCRA, Evans was working with an intern when he completely went against his training and code of ethics.

KCRA obtained court documents detailing an April 1 ambulance ride, during which Evans and the intern were transporting a 19-year-old girl suffering from a seizure.

According to reports, Evans allegedly molested the 19-year-old:

Evans placed his hands down the woman’s shirt and pulled her right breast out of her bra while she was “completely unresponsive to pain and verbal commands, she was out.” Evans then slid the woman’s breast back into her shirt, later telling the intern, “Sorry man, I had to.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/KCRA

The incident went unreported for over two weeks, but, eventually, the intern alerted a supervisor on April 16. By April 18, a police investigation was underway.

Sacramento Fire Chief Walt White told KCRA:

“When these allegations were brought to the attention of fire administration, we immediately notified the office of public safety and accountability and requested a full law enforcement investigation.”

According to KCRA, police spoke to the 19-year-old woman just days later, and she confirmed that she was conscious when her breast was fondled. She told police that although she was unable to move or see much, she heard and felt everything.

She said she heard a paramedic comment on her breast size before feeling a hand expose her breast before tucking it back under her shirt.

The court documents allege Evans exposed the woman’s breast for no medical reason, but rather “for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification or sexual abuse.”

On April 21, he was placed on paid administrative leave. And on April 28, he was questioned by police.

He denied the allegations altogether.

Patrol 4

Posted by Sacramento Fire Department on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

On Monday, however, Evans turned himself in after he was officially charged with a misdemeanor count of sexual battery and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Sacramento Fire Chief White told KCRA:

“The Sacramento Fire Department takes all citizen complaints seriously, and works quickly to take appropriate actions to mitigate them. Although the case is ongoing, and all facts are not yet known, the Sacramento Fire Department wants to assure the public that we are fully cooperating with the investigation, and working to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.”

Evans was released on $3,000 bail and has yet to publicly comment on the allegations.

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