Last week, Lance Michael Pearce was placed in custody after being charged for the death of his partner.

Blair Dalton, who was the mother of Pearce’s child, was strangled to death in her beach home in Sydney, Australia. While Pearce was initially charged with suffocating Dalton, police later upgraded the charge to murder when she died in the hospital last Thursday.

However, within 72 hours of Pearce’s time in custody, he was found dead in his jail cell. Dalton’s family will never see justice served for her death.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Pearce was placed on suicide watch when he was taken into custody.

And after he was served breakfast on Friday morning, officers found the 34-year-old unresponsive on his bed hours later.

Initial reports said that Pearce “choked on food items, plastic wrapping and possibly sugar sachets.” However, multiple sources later reported that he “choked on a chicken sandwich.”

Closed-circuit TV footage will help determine what exactly transpired, while the coroner is left to determine the exact cause of death.

Because inmates are stripped of all belongings when admitted into jail, the risk of self-harm is very minimal. As a result, Pearce’s death has “baffled” police and prison officials. They say they “have never heard anything like it.”

A spokeswoman said:

“The Corrective Services Investigation Unit, which is part of the NSW Police Force, is investigating and will prepare a report on the death.”

They are not treating his death as suspicious.


Dalton’s family members and loved ones remember her as “the most beautiful, kind, caring, proud person.”

They have set up a GoFundMe to ease the financial burden off her family and help send Dalton off.

To donate, visit their fundraising page.

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