Many parents share photos of their children on social media as a modern way to record joyful, silly, and touching memories. And Texas mother Nickol Gallovich is no different.

Unfortunately, Gallovich had to face a grim, dark side of social media last Friday, when she saw that a stranger had stolen a photo of her 4-year-old daughter from Facebook and shared it on his page, CBS DFW reported.

The man claimed that Gallovich’s daughter, Macy, was actually his own daughter who had drowned.

According to CBS DFW, the Plano mom had “no connection” to the strange man or the third party who informed her of the uncomfortable tale.

CBS DFW added that Gallovich was “stunned, disgusted and a little frightened” at the thought that someone would violate her and her family:

“Obviously I was worried that he was potentially a pedophile or he was trying to get information from me about where we live and things like that.”

Dallas-based author Harry Harrison argues that this story should be a cautionary tale for other parents who share photos of their families on social media. He warned the CBS affiliate about potential horrors:

“People can take those pics and they can blackmail you. They can look at your child and send you notes and tell you they know where you live and they are coming to get them.”

Horrified and shaken, Gallovich contacted Facebook, who pulled the man’s profile. Other parents rushed to Facebook to share their own warnings for potential creepers:


Others suggest to keep your special photos in “private” mode:


Some refuse to post any pictures altogether:

Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook

This is surely a wake-up call for ardent Facebook users everywhere to keep an eye out for social media creeps.

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