Stanwood Elkus arrived at urologist Ronald Gilbert’s Newport Beach office with medical records, a recording of his former girlfriend addressing his impotence, and a 21-year-old grievance.

Now, he’s been sentenced for murder. Aside from the crime, his victim’s identity has sparked some major questions.

In 1992, Elkus was diagnosed with a urethral stricture by a team of doctors at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Long Beach, California, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, only some of those doctors would actually take part in the subsequent operation to widen his urethra after citing frequent urination.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

After the procedure, Elkus began suffering symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and a significantly curbed libido which, eventually, according to the 79-year-old man, resulted in his then-longtime girlfriend walking away.

The retired barber soon had a lot of time to lament what he believes was a botched surgery. Eventually, his lamenting turned to brooding, and that brooding turned to obsessing.

According to prosecutor Matt Murphy, per the Los Angeles Times, Elkus grew more than just angry — he was eager for revenge, and he decided to act on January 28, 2013.

Murphy said Elkus visited the office of Gilbert, a married father of two, after nearly three years of preparation. The prosecutor said in court that in 2010, Elkus executed a living trust, directing his assets and estate to be left to his sister in the case of death or incarceration, as well as printed out directions to Gilbert’s office.

Additionally, Murphy said that in December 2012, Elkus purchased a handgun and proceeded to practice his shooting.

Then, in January of 2013, Murphy told the court that Elkus drove more than 50 miles to Gilbert’s office and scheduled an appointment with the urologist for the next week under a false name. Murphy continued, saying Elkus then prepared to not come back home — leaving copies of his trust, instructions for his properties, and even a “reminder to pay the gardener,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Murphy said during the trial’s opening statements:

“The evidence shows very clearly that Mr. Elkus left his home on Jan. 28 without any illusion that he’d be coming back.”

Murphy told the court that upon arriving for his appointment with Gilbert, Elkus told the nurse he forgot his ID in the car and was soon led back to an examination room.

Screenshot/ABC News

According to the prosecutor, Elkus fired his gun the moment Gilbert walked through the door, discharging 10 bullets — nine of which went through Gilbert’s body.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Murphy said the 79-year-old handed over his gun and told the nurse:

“I’m insane, call the police.”

Despite Gilbert’s colleagues’ attempts to save his life, he died on the floor just outside the examination room.

After the doctor’s brutal murder, Elkus was then confronted with the facts.

Gilbert never took part in the surgery on the man’s urethra. Rather, he was just a young medical resident among the team of doctors who diagnosed Elkus back in 1992.

However, during the trial, Elkus reportedly smiled at times, while Gilbert’s family sat and listened in tears.

The 79-year-old pleaded not guilty by reason insanity, and his defense attorney claimed he was suffering from dementia and brain damage. But jurors decided that this murder was premeditated and, without a doubt, in cold blood.

On Friday, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole and an additional 10 years on charges of lying in wait and use of a personal gun, according to the Daily Mail.

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