When Kyshaun Wilson walked out of the house with 2-month-old Elijah, the family thought he would be back soon. When hours passed and Wilson hadn’t returned, panic set in.

As KSLA News reports, Wilson was a friend of Elijah’s family, but wasn’t a blood relative. When the 25-year-old went to get a bottle for the crying infant in the middle of the night, no one questioned it. Even after Wilson took the baby and left the house, the family didn’t call police.

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But at 3:30 a.m. on Monday, Wilson still hadn’t returned. That’s when Elijah’s mother called the police in Minden, Louisiana, and reported them both missing.

In the early pre-dawn hours, officers searched the neighborhood for some sign of Wilson and the baby. But it wasn’t until they got a tip from Shreveport — about 30 miles away — that they were able to solve the mystery.

After leaving the house with the baby, Wilson had walked to the junction of U.S. Highway 371 and Interstate 20. He then left the baby under the overpass and hitchhiked to Shreveport.

Once in Shreveport, Wilson confided to a homeless man about abandoning the baby under the interstate. The homeless man contacted Shreveport police, who relayed the story to investigators in Minden.

Police were worried that Wilson may have killed the baby. And when one officer found Elijah asleep, perched on a shallow ledge above the highway, he knew how close they had come to tragedy. Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper told KSLA:

“Scariest thing about it if he were able to roll off that ledge, he would have hit that concrete retaining ledge and probably would have rolled right out into the interstate.”

Cropper told KTBS News they still don’t know why Wilson kidnapped and then abandoned the baby:

“We’re not real sure what his state of mind was.”

According to KSLA, however, Wilson offered a chilling explanation for his actions to police and reporters:

“God told me to.”

Fortunately, Elijah has only a scrape on his knee after his ordeal. He was reunited with his grateful mother, who has an explanation for how he escaped unharmed. As she hugged the officer who found her son, she told KSLA:

“He had an angel over him.”

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