At the beginning of a marriage, passion and lust are likely common characters. However, as time goes on, it’s more likely than not that those initial sparks fizzle out.

One husband recently pointed out on Instagram that it is essential to find ways to keep the love alive. Troy Hunt, husband of fitness guru Alexa Jean Brown, wrote a heartfelt message online in honor of his wife’s birthday.


After lovingly wishing his wife a happy birthday, Hunt got down to business. He wrote:

Today’s culture is lacking involved and present fathers.

He explained that after looking around the room, he noticed that the men and fathers were more focused on their technology than the people they were with. Hunt described the men as “checked out,” rather than focused on the family members who just wanted a “present” male figure.

Hunt touched on the societal norm that men are expected to “suck it up and not show emotion.” However, he continued, this model only breeds men who suffer emotionally. The father of two wrote:

But now it’s time for us men to step up, break this cycle and serve our families. We need to become emotionally available. We need to focus on connecting and talking with our kids. We need to date our wives fiercely. We need to be involved at home. We need to share household responsibilities. We need one-on-one time with our spouses daily. We need to work less and spend more time with our families.

“Put down the phone,” he beseeched, and think about what sort of impact you’d like to make as a husband and a father.


Hunt concluded:

I also want to thank all the men out there who have decided to look at themselves with courage to change and to all the men making an honest effort to be good fathers and better husbands.

These changes start with family dinners, game nights, vacations. Even though the day can be stressful and draining, it is important to make time for the important people in your life.

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