A court has upheld the sentencing of Frank Yeager, a Pennsylvania man who plotted to rape and kill a real estate agent.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, when a female real estate agent caught Frank Yeager’s eye, he worked on a plan for five months. He found out when she was working and where she lived.

He didn’t want to date her, though; his plan was to rape the woman.

After months of preparing for the assault, he put his sick plan into action. Yeager attempted to get the real estate agent into a model house. He closed the curtains, turned the lights off, and waited for her to arrive. But luckily, she never did, Lehigh Valley Live reported.

Yeager didn’t give up. He moved to another plan after she didn’t show up — he went to her office and reported a water leak in the home. He took off when a male co-worker appeared.

As Fox 8 reports, the real estate agent wasn’t the only one Yeager had his eye on.

The man had made a list with over 200 names on it; it included the intended victims’ addresses and personal information — with real estate agents as his main targets.

He also wrote about killing people and committing suicide afterwards. Police found guns, rope, chain, and duct tape inside his truck.

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Yeager explained to police he considered searching for people to rape to be “full time work.”

He described disturbing details about trying to find these intended victims in his diary:

“I have been planning and wanted this my whole life … the help I need is too great and I would rather die, I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize.”

Yeager was arrested and pleaded guilty to an attempted rape charge in 2013.

Lehigh County Judge William Ford gave Yeager the maximum sentence of 10 to 20 years in state prison for the attempted rape.

The man appealed his conviction, saying his confession was inadmissible as his lawyer was ineffective and did not question whether the confession was legal. In the appeal, he argued that should his confession be thrown out — as he believed it should — the victim’s testimony and remaining evidence would not be enough to convict him.

Prosecutors disagreed, describing Yeager as a man hell-bent on rape. The court agreed and said it was Yeager’s decision to confess, and as such, the sentence should be upheld.

The appeal was thrown out, and Yeager will remain in prison.

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