Many of us have set something down on the car, forgotten it, and driven away. But how often does that forgetfulness have a happy ending?

As the Sheriff’s Department of Brown County, Texas, shared on Facebook, one deputy saw something strange on the bumper of a truck he had just stopped.

The sun was too bright to see the truck’s license plate clearly when the deputy pulled the driver over for a traffic violation. But as the deputy sat behind the Chevy Silverado, he could see it clear as day.

There, on the rear bumper, was a hot dog. And taped above it was a hand-lettered sign that read, “free hot dog.”

Curious as to why there was an uneaten hot dog on the back of the vehicle, the deputy went to the window to tell the driver why he’d been pulled over, then asked about the free hot dog. The driver explained that he’d put the note on the truck after setting down part of his lunch and forgetting about it:

“I spent the day in Waco and had some hot dogs for lunch. I set one on the rear bumper and somehow forgot about it and continued running errands around Waco. It wasn’t until several people asked about the hot dog, at several different locations, that I realized I had left it on there, so I put a little note on the bumper.”

But until the deputy asked, “Is the hot dog glued on there or what?” the driver didn’t realize that the hot dog was still a passenger on his rear bumper:

“What?! You mean it’s still there? That’s insane!”

As they both laughed, the driver exclaimed, “I drove all over Waco and back to Brownwood and that hot dog is still there!”

After getting the driver’s permission, the deputy snapped a photo of the well-traveled hot dog for posterity. But there was still the question of his traffic violation. With the hot dog as evidence that the driver wasn’t reckless behind the wheel, the deputy made a decision:

“Sir, it is apparent that you are a cautious driver, so you’re only gonna receive a verbal warning for your violation … and thank you, this made my day.”

And the driver responded the only way you can after a forgotten hot dog gets you out of a traffic ticket:

“Maybe I should drive around with a hot dog on my bumper all the time, so I don’t get any tickets!”

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