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Man Proposes to His Wife of 63 Years With a New Engagement Ring Following Successful Heart Surgery


Karl Von Schwarz and his high school sweetheart have been inseparable since they were teenagers. So when doctors warned that Donna Von Schwarz may not have long to live, the 82-year-old promised her something special.

The Ohio man told his wife of nearly 63 years that he would buy her a new engagement ring if she made it through open heart surgery.

Since May 2018, Donna has suffered several strokes and a brain bleed, reports WFAA.


Donna is wheelchair bound and cannot move her body, but Karl said that has not dampened their love for one another. He wanted to remind the “gal” that he’s loved all his life of his vow to support her in both sickness and in health.

Karl’s granddaughter Christina Von Schwarz said:

“The last few times I’ve seen her, every time I’ve said goodbye like it’s the last time so it’s definitely been hard. It’s just been really hard on everyone.”

So once Donna, 85, was released from the hospital, Karl got down on one knee to propose again. Christina said her grandmother:

“Definitely didn’t forget about that ring.”

She posted photos of the engagement on social media.

He asked and she said yes!!!♡♡65 + years and still going strong♡♡Renewing their vows♡

Posted by Karly Gibbs on Saturday, March 2, 2019

The couple married in 1956 but Christina said the love between her grandparents “continues to grow stronger.”

Karl told the station:

“It was great because it’s a gal that I’ve loved all of my life. It was very easy. You know we’ve been together so long that we can’t stay apart really.”

Christina said over 25,000 people reacted to the endearing moment on Twitter.

She said:

“I told them that they were famous on Twitter and they were so happy. I never thought it would blow up, but it definitely deserves the recognition that it got.”


She continued:

“I’m just proud that it’s as touching to us as it is to everyone else, and they get the recognition for how strong they really are.”

Donna said she loves her “gorgeous” new ring.

Watch the video below: 

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  1. Talk about renewing their vows! The grandparents are truly blessed because the majority of couples don’t even make it to fifty years of marriage.

  2. That is the most awesome love story between these two. Years back couples stayed together for a lifetime and worked through their problems. Today~~well it’s a whole lot different~~just a lot of divorces.

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