Christmas came early for the shoppers of a local Vermont Walmart after a man walked in and footed people’s bill.

As CNN reports, the mystery man declined to give his name and told one shopper to call him “Kris Kringle.”

As one shopper prepared to put an item on layaway, the mysterious man told her that once she’d finished shopping, he’d pay for everything.

Shopper Julie Gates told CNN that she thought the man was “crazy,” but sure enough when she returned to the counter with her items, he was still there.

He covered Gates’ $199 charge with his own card.

When she questioned, who could afford such a generous act, the man replied:

“Santa can.”

Kris Kringle, who was described as a “normal, everyday, average guy,” didn’t stop there. According to WCAX, Gates said there were about eight or nine other customers in front of her, and he took care of their bills as well.

In fact, he paid for everyone’s layaway charges, even those who weren’t present.

Tammy Desautels, who also had her items paid for, said:

“It was kind of like surreal when they said no balance due, then it was really a reality.”

The only thing anyone really knows about the mystery man is that he’s a Patriots’ fan. Gates managed to get this picture of him walking away:

Customers expressed their gratitude for the man’s generosity by sending thanks and sharing his impact.

Desautels told WCAX:

“Really have a feeling that there is hope for mankind or whatever. There’s still good people out there,”

Walmart officials declined to share the total amount the New England fan spent, but said this “random act of kindness” has provided similar hope for them.

Gates was deeply touched by the man’s kindness, calling it the “magic of Christmas” and calling the mystery man the “Christmas spirit walking among us.”

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