Most people clean up when they’re expecting guests, but a South African musician left his kitchen messy on purpose as a way to “test” his girlfriend.

VJ, who is also known as “The Liveman,” tweeted a photo of a kitchen badly in need of tidying, The Sun reports.

The counters were cluttered with trash and other items and the dirty dishes were piled up beside the sink. 

As VJ clarified in a later tweet, the mess wasn’t an accident — and he isn’t usually so filthy.

Rather, he made the mess intentionally as a way to test his girlfriend on her first visit to his home. However, VJ’s girlfriend apparently failed the test by leaving without cleaning up.

He wrote that this meant she wasn’t marriage material:

I invited my girlfriend for the first time ever at my place & I was extremely disappointed to be honest, she came this morning & left without even washing dishes let alone some cleaning. I thought this one was actually wife material but she entirely failed this girlfriending test.

In case there was any confusion about what VJ considers wife material, he explained the reason for the test in a follow-up tweet:

Next time y’all visiting ya man’s house make damn sure y’all clean it up, they could be testing y’all if y’all qualify to be wifed one day.

He added that the girlfriend test, “is actually a ticket to financial stability, a house, a marriage and kids.”

After sharing his test on Twitter, VJ received a lot of criticism for his method of determining marriage material. There were those who pointed out that his test was sexist, unreasonable, or just plain silly.

Others told VJ that his test may have shown his girlfriend that he wasn’t husband material.

However, there were a few who defended VJ and saw a certain logic to the girlfriend test.

Despite the criticism, VJ is unrepentant. In fact, after his tweet was widely shared, he followed-up with a rather predictable update.

He tweeted, “Some idiot somehow showed my [girlfriend] this tweet and got dumped me immediately guess what I’m officially single. Congratulations.”

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