The man accused of killing James and Denise Closs and kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs is making good on a promise.

As Dearly previously reported, 21-year-old Jake Patterson abducting Closs from her home in October 2018 after shooting her parents to death.

Patterson held the teen captive for 88 days before she was able to escape from his Wisconsin home and found help in a woman who was walking her dog nearby.

Right Time, Right Place: How a Former Social Worker Was The Perfect Person to Find Jayme Closs

"My CPS—'Child Protection'—brain really just clicked in."

Posted by Dearly Presents on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

In a letter reportedly written by Patterson and sent to a local KARE 11 reporter, Patterson said he planned on pleading guilty to the charges against him so that Jayme and her family didn’t have “to worry about a trial.”

On March 27, Patterson did as he said he would and pled guilty to two counts of homicide and one count of abducting a minor.

As Yahoo! reports, investigators believe Patterson first “developed an obsession” with Closs after watching her get on a school bus one day before the murders and abduction took place.

As he exited the courtroom, Patterson exclaimed “Bye, Jayme,” before officers pushed him out the door. Jayme was not in attendance.

A woman inside the courtroom at the time said that it made “everyone’s hearts” sink. She added that she doesn’t think anyone “anticipated something so bizarre, so casual from someone who had just pled guilty.”

In the same letter where he agreed to plead guilty, Patterson also apologized to Closs. He wrote:

No one will believe or can even imagine how sorry I am for hurting Jayme this much. Can’t express it.

[on the back]:

I’m Sorry Jayme! For everything. I know it doesn’t mean much.

Patterson also said that “at the time” he committed these crimes, “I was really pissed. I didn’t ‘want’ to. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] The reason I did this is complicated.”

According to Yahoo!, because Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty, Patterson faces two consecutive life sentences and an additional 40 years for the kidnapping of Closs.

He is expected to be back in court for a sentencing hearing sometime in May.

Closs currently lives with her aunt, who has become her guardian. In an earlier interview, Closs’ grandfather said that she still “doesn’t want to talk to anybody,” adding that her aunt is “bringing her out of her shell slowly.”

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