Note: This article contains graphic content.

Timothy Wayne Garrett, 53, was given a 10-year sentence for posting an advertisement on Craigslist in order to solicit a date-rape drug. As previously reported by Dearly, Garrett told an undercover police officer that he wanted to use the drug to rape his wife.

He signed a plea deal for drug possession on November 2. The Hall County prosecutor did not pursue an attempted rape charge. Garrett will serve two years in prison and eight on probation.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office

Garrett’s daughter, Teresa Roth, 32, decided to speak out after reading the article. She told Dearly that she was disappointed that her father wasn’t given a longer sentence:

“People need to know who he really is. The incident wasn’t as tempered as the news stories have suggested. He’s much more sadistic than what has been reported so far. He’s a danger to the public.”

She explained that the prosecutor didn’t pursue the attempted sexual assault charge because her stepmother, who is not being identified by Dearly, had started dating her father again. Roth recalled a conversation she had with her father following his arrest:

“I spoke to my father when he got out of jail on bond. What he told me was that it was a fantasy that got out of control. At that point, he was going to throw the [drug] out of the window on the way home.”

But she doesn’t believe her father’s story. In the courtroom, she heard officers describe Garrett’s interactions with the officers:

“He asked [the officer] about taste, smell, and dosage. He wanted 10 to 15 guys to come in and rape her, have sex with her while unconscious so he could lick cum off her. Then he told them they had to be quiet because there was a child in the house.”

Roth was raised by her paternal grandparents and her mother. She said that her father had been physically and verbally abusive her entire life:

“He can be charismatic in public but he’s beyond evil behind closed doors […] He knew how to abuse so it wouldn’t be seen in public, and knew where to hit so he wouldn’t leave marks.”

Roth is now a mom herself. She said she was afraid for her son’s safety when Garrett came to her house to meet her family. Now that Garrett is in prison, she plans to file a restraining order if he attempts to contact her again.

Teresa Roth

Even though she refuses to support her father, she noted that a few of her family members, including her stepmother, are still standing behind him. Roth isn’t blaming her stepmother for returning to her father, but she hopes she can find help:

“I don’t blame the victim. But I hope she wakes up and realizes this isn’t OK.”

After the court case ended, it upset Roth to see a new mugshot of her father in prison. “He has a look on his face as if he’s gotten away with it,” she said.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office

Dearly could not independently confirm the date of the new mugshot.

Roth wanted to share her story in order to help other victims of domestic violence know that they are not alone:

“You never know what’s happening behind closed doors. I wanted him to serve the rest of his life in prison because he’s sadistic. His crime was sickening and it fits with the abuse he’s committed throughout his entire life.”

She said she cried when he was sentenced.

“Even though it wasn’t what I wanted. I still felt a tiny bit of justice,” she said.

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