Jason Mikel

The mom lost sight of her daughter for just a moment in the crowd at the Harry Potter ride.

As News 6 reports, the mother and 9-year-old girl were in the locker area of the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Orlando on Sunday. The distracted mom lost track of her daughter for just a second, but in that time, the young girl was approached by a stranger who she claims tried to kidnap her.

The man, 23-year-old Jason Mikel of Illinois, allegedly walked up to the girl and put his hands on her shoulders. He then told her to go outside where her mother was waiting for her.

A witness told police that Mikel told the girl, “Mommy is over here.” The witness added that the girl looked frightened. The girl broke away from Mikel, and ran to her mother.

After confirming that the mom didn’t know Mikel, the witness reported the incident to park security. Park staff confronted Mikel near the Hogwarts Express ride. He was taken into police custody after the girl identified him.

Mikel was charged with attempted kidnapping and battery as well as possession of cannabis (found during a police search during the arrest). However, according to Fox 35, just three days after Mikel’s arrest, a judge ruled that there is not enough probable cause to support being held on the kidnapping charge.

Mikel is being released on his own recognizance on the kidnapping charge but was given bonds of $100 and $500 on the possession and battery charges. In the meantime, Universal Studios has indefinitely banned Mikel from all of its properties.

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6 Replies to “Man Tries to Get Girl to Leave Theme Park Ride with Him. A Judge Says It’s Not Enough Evidence of Kidnapping”

  • Craig Murphy 2 years ago

    Based on the facts stated, there wasn’t enough evidence for kidnapping but evidently there is for the other charges. It didn’t play itself out enough to lead to the conclusion he was kidnapping her.

    • Tess 2 years ago

      Intent needs to be described in the police report. Kidnapping / Attempted kidnapping is a specific intent crime. It was the job of the arresting officers to establish that intent. The judge is obligated to apply the law to the facts. Certainly, too many judges fail (deliberately or negligently) to do so; but, there is no evidence to suggest this was the case here. The defense attorney clearly states there is “no evidence to support the charge….within the four corners of the affidavit.” The judge had no choice but to agree. I’ll wager the affidavit will be revised to support the charge. We need to gather all the facts and think before we judge.

  • Kathleen 2 years ago

    I have to agree with Craig Murphy. There wasn’t enough probable cause to charge him with kidnapping. We really don’t want to go down the path where it’s okay to charge people with things that they may have been thinking yet didn’t actually do. I personally believe this guy was up to no good but there is no case to charge him with kidnapping. He would never be convicted.

  • Paul H. Henderson 2 years ago

    Then hang the judge and all judges so dumb and who care little about law.

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    This country has some of the most idiotic Judges ever. They are useless. They give rapists 6 month sentences even when there are witnesses. They let child abusers go with a slap on the wrist. You can do more time for having a little pot on you than you do for murder. It’s insane.

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