Miguel Briseno and his wife were foster parents for more than five years in Medina County, Texas. During his time as part of the system, Briseno fostered more than 180 young girls, the San Antonio Express-News reported. There were times when he had up to 12 girls in his care at once.

The 58-year-old was recently arrested and is being held on a $500,000 bond for allegedly sexually assaulting at least five former foster children. While a sixth victim has come forward, charges have yet to be filed. However, authorities are saying it’s likely that the newest victim won’t be the last one they find.

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown told the Express-News:

“It’s not a question about whether there are more. It’s just about how many.”

This most recent charge is not the first one Briseno has received involving children. At a time when he no longer had a foster license, in 2013, one of his foster children came forward and reported that Briseno had assaulted her in 2012, subsequently leading to his arrest on the charge “of solicitation to commit sexual assault of a child.”

The Express-News reported that Brown told them it’s unclear why Briseno didn’t have a license post-2010 and how he managed to have foster kids under his care just two years later. However, an investigation illustrated that after his license was revoked, he attempted to shift the “foster parent’s license into his wife’s name.” Brown continued:

“It’s not a loophole, it’s just downright wrong.”

Brown and his office are looking into the “unnamed third-party company” that was responsible for the continued placement of foster children into Briseno’s care. In addition, they are looking into whether or not his wife could also face criminal charges.

The investigator’s main goal now is to identify the rest of Briseno’s victims, who, though teenagers at the time of the assault, are now in their twenties. Brown said:

“We don’t know where they’re at.”

He and his team are looking to speak with the victims, and ask that anyone who was in Briseno’s care to come forward.

If you have any information on Briseno and his alleged abuse, please contact 210-335-8477.

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