It’s not often that police find themselves confronted by a man asking to be taken to jail.

As Fox 8 News reports, police in Richfield, Ohio were surprised when Mark Fry flagged them down and told them he’d been looking for a police station to turn himself in.

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The reason why can be seen in a police video of Fry’s arrest. In the video, an officer explained that Fry had just signaled to him:

“I pulled in here and stopped. He pulled in here and said take me to jail. I did something really bad.”

Fry continually told police “I’m sick. I’m sick.” When police followed up by asking Fry what he did, his response was chilling. Referencing the child in the back seat of his car, Fry told police:

“I hurt her. In a way somebody should never be hurt.”

Fry also told police, “She’ll tell you about it,” once again referring to the victim in his car.

According to Fox 8, 22-year-old Fry was later charged with abducting the 7-year-old girl from her home in Cleveland and sexually assaulting her. Fry went on to plead guilty in Cuyahoga Court and was sentenced to 35 years to life.

Prosecutors say it is extremely unusual for a sexual predator to turn himself (or herself) in to authorities. However, Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Schnatter believes that a greater awareness of sexual assault is leading to more victims coming forward.

Schnatter told Fox 8 that cases like the conviction of Dr. Larry Nassar for his crimes against a number of gymnasts have helped victims feel safer in naming their abusers:

“Obviously, there’s a lot of news about victims of sex offenses coming forward. So I think there’s a feeling of safety to come forward for victims.”

Despite his guilty plea and efforts to turn himself in, Fry is currently appealing his sentence.

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