A FedEx driver was making a home delivery when he noticed an unsupervised baby crawling under his delivery truck.

Luckily, he saw the child before he backed out, but the driver was startled by the unusual discovery while doing his route.

In a Facebook video posted on Friday, Byron Nash from Lake Charles, Louisiana, wrote:

This baby was crawling outside under my truck after my truck was parked to make a delivery luckily [I] seen her,  before [I] backed out.

No supervision in site.

Watch the shocking video below:

In the clip, an infant can be seen staring up at Nash near the wheel of his truck before he says:

“This baby is right under my truck, and her parents aren’t nowhere to be found! Look at this, this baby is outside by herself.”

The driver then hauls the baby and package to a woman who answers the door. He then says:

“Hello! Hey! This baby was under my truck!”

The unidentified woman seemed completely unaware that the child was missing. She exclaimed:

“Oh, s**t.”

And later explains that she thought the child was penned inside the home. However, Nash tells the lady:

“I saw her crawling under my tire.

Thank God I was paying attention because if I had backed up, she would have been out of here.”

He told the woman he was completely freaked out by the encounter, to which she responds:

“It would have scared the f**k out of me, too. I would have been tripping.”

The footage posted online Friday has garnered over 4 million views. Commenters reacting to the post wrote on Facebook:

That is why we teach the circle of safety. View all wheels before you pull off. Good job!

My biggest fear but it happens quick!

You can see how freaked out the mother was. She really thought the kid couldn’t have gotten out.

Nash told the Daily Mail:

“I thought how could somebody leave their child unattended like this?”

The driver urged the mom to use a playpen and keep all doors and windows shut to keep her child safe in the future.

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