Moms everywhere are no stranger to insensitive comments, but one mom in particular had had the last straw.

According to Scary Mommy, Courtney Lester was in the middle of some shopping at Walmart with her three kids and husband in tow when a man approached her.

He made an unsolicited comment to her:

“I feel sorry for you, you have your hands full with all those kids.”

Lester was shocked.

Later, once she could gather her thoughts, she clapped back in the best way possible — by taking him and so many others to school on why it wasn’t okay, via Facebook:

To the stranger in Wal-Mart who said "I feel sorry for you, you have your hands full with all those kids", this is what…

Posted by Courtney Lester on Monday, June 19, 2017

Lester started by pointing out the obvious:

First off, my hands were empty as you can see in the photo (had to point that out).

But then things get really deep.

As the post continues, Lester details what isn’t obvious to those who just see a mom and three kids — her struggle to even have them in the first place:

What you can’t tell is that I lost two babies before being blessed with my last two, so if you want to feel sorry for me, there’s the only reason why you should.

Doctors told Lester that after two back-to-back losses, it was likely she wouldn’t be able to have another full-term pregnancy. She and her husband braced themselves to accept their fate of having an only child.

But then the unexpected happened.

As if it was the perfect late gift, Lester found out that she was expecting just a few months after her anniversary.

Soon, she was blessed with her now two-year-old daughter. Later, her now three-month-old son.

Knowing her present doesn’t showcase the struggles of her past, Lester told Scary Mommy she just wants everyone to be more aware of the gravity of what they’re saying:

“You never know what that family has been through or continues to go through. Whether they have one child or 10, it isn’t okay to comment on the size of their family. Maybe they have longed for a child but can’t have one? Or maybe five of their children were adopted from foster care? You just never know what they may be going through, children included.”

True, parenting is hard. Even Lester admits it. But she also doesn’t want anyone to ever look at her children as though they’re a reason to pity her:

Please, never feel sorry for me because my heart is more full than my hands could ever be.

Responses to Lester’s post, which has garnered over 12,000 shares, have been overwhelmingly positive:

Though commenting on a parent’s “full hands” is common and most often meant with no ill intentions, Lester has shed a new light on its impact.

Hopefully, people are taking notes.

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