In 1998, Missouri dad Olin Tannery couldn’t get his son, Dominick Pittsenbarger, to stop crying.

That’s when he picked up the 1-month-old baby and “squeezed him very hard, shook him very hard, then threw him down,” according to court records obtained by Fox 4.

The newborn was severely injured by his father, sustaining injuries consistent with “shaken baby syndrome.”

He almost didn’t make it due to broken ribs, a broken vertebra, and bleeding. He miraculously survived but was left with lifelong brain damage.

In 1999, Tannery pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and received a 13-year sentence. He ultimately spent eight years behind bars from the crime and was released in 2007.

But now, the 39-year-old is facing murder charges after his son died in April 2018, 20 years after the initial assault.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office

According to Oxygen, Dominick died at age 20, just a year after graduating high school.

He was raised by his adoptive father, Wendell Pittsenbarger, who said Dominick used a wheelchair and loved basketball.

He told Kansas City Star:

“I love that boy and still miss him dearly. I think about him all of the time.”

Tannery was charged with second-degree murder on Tuesday for his son’s death. He is currently being held on $500,000 bond.

According to the New York Department of Health, Shaken Baby Syndrome is a form of abuse that occurs when an older caretaker causing injury to a baby or child through shaking.

It can result in permanent damage including brain damage, blindness, paralysis, and even death. Roughly 80 percent of victims have lifelong damage.

As of now, it’s unclear exactly what complications caused Dominick’s death.

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