Verlon Robinson would give anything to save his wife’s life.

As Fox News reports, the 55-year-old from Sanger, California has been married to his wife, Marie, for 25 years. Three years ago, Marie’s doctor noticed some suspicious spots on the 61-year-old’s chest. Tests confirmed that Marie has cirrhosis of the liver.


It’s only a matter of time before Marie’s liver fails. Already, she has started losing weight and sometimes gets confused, forgetting where she is.

According to the National Institutes of Health, cirrhosis is scarring of the liver, resulting in poor function — the final stage in chronic liver disease. Once this stage is reached, the liver is unable to heal. Cirrhosis can lead to bleeding disorders, kidney failure, liver cancer, coma, infections, and liver failure.

In Marie’s case, the disease was caused by a buildup of fat in the liver. A transplant — in which a piece of a healthy donor liver is used to help regenerate the liver — would give Marie more time. However, Marie has been on the transplant list for years and isn’t high enough to qualify for a liver from a living donor.

That’s why Verlon has decided to give his wife the best chance possible. As he told Fox News, “She wants to live, and I see her going through all this, and it breaks my heart.”

Verlon posted about his wife’s predicament on Facebook, where he offered the best incentive he had in order to find a liver donor for Marie. He offered to trade his truck, a tent trailer, and even his kidneys to anyone who could donate a piece of his or her liver to his wife. He wrote:

I do have an 04 Dodge pick up that I would gladly trade anyone, plus I could throw in a nice tent trailer. We have been married for 25 years and it breaks my heart when I think about losing her. I would do anything to trade places with her but as you know that’s impossible. So please if you are O positive or negative blood type and would consider giving her some of your liver we have insurance that would cover all surgeries. […]

P.S. I have good kidneys and I would throw in one.

The Robinsons say their health insurance would pay for everything related to a transplant. And Marie is touched that her husband is so determined to find a way to save her from the waiting list. She told KMPH News:

“There are so many people out there that are sick, and need help, and I am just one of them. I just have a wonderful husband who is willing to give it all.”

The process of finding a matching donor in good health (and who meets the other requirements) can take months, but Verlon has already received a few responses.

Several of the people who have contacted him have stressed that they don’t need the truck in exchange, but Verlon told KMPH, the trade was an easy one for him to offer:

“Everything I’ve worked for all my life is not important to me. This is important to me, right here. I just couldn’t imagine life without her.”

Verlon and Marie understand that any potential donor would be taking on a significant risk of their own, and they are grateful for the outpouring of support they’ve received. They don’t yet know whether Verlon’s appeal will find a match, but they continue to hope. As Verlon told Fox News:

“I just love my wife. If I could take her place, I would,” Verlon Robinson told Fox News. “I believe God put her in my life and changed me and gave me a new heart for life.”

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