Looks like Judge Judy’s courtroom has gone to the dogs.

In a recent episode of “Judge Judy,” the grande dame of justice had a ‘ruff’ case on her hands.

A clip, which has now gone viral, shows an argument between two people who each claim to have complete ownership over an adorable little puppy named “Baby Boy.”

Screenshot/Judge Judy

The woman in possession of Baby Boy alleges that she purchased the pint-sized pup from a seller on the street.

The other plaintiff claims he is the original owner caught in unfortunate circumstance—according to him, Baby Boy was taken and sold without his consent or knowledge.

His plea was simple — all he wants is his little friend back.

So Judge Judy, always the practical hammer of justice, decided to solve this case simply: release “Baby Boy” into the courtroom and have him join his rightful owner.

And Baby Boy did just that — watch the full clip below to see who Baby Boy ran to:

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