Three weeks after a wife and her two daughters were found dead, a man is coming forward alleging that he had a secret affair with their alleged killer, Chris Watts.

Watts has been charged in the deaths of his wife, Shanann, and their two young daughters, four-year-old Belle and three-year-old Celeste.

A man who wished to remain anonymous spoke out to HLN, revealing that he had an affair with Watts for several months.

On the day Shanann and her daughter’s were reported missing, Watts told Shanann’s good friend, Nickole Atkinson, that he and Shanann were separating.

According to reports, Watts was having an affair with a co-worker.

The man told HLN that he met Watts on a social media app known as “MeetMe.” He said:

“He messaged me. It seemed all very innocent at first. On the profile, it didn’t have a last name or anything, it just had his last initial. He was listed as straight and not by or homosexual, so I was kind of off-put by it. Then, we talked for a while and he just told me he wasn’t really out, or comfortable being out.

I met him in person, he came over, the first time we met he came over to the place I was staying in Loveland, Colorado, which is pretty much a neighboring town to Frederick.”

Frederick is where Watts lived with his wife and two children. The man said that he and Watts originally met in June 2017.

He continued:

“It was clear that he was interested in me and attracted to me.  … That night [things turned romantic].”

The man claimed that their intimate relationship continued off and on for about 10 months, until it officially ended in March or April.

Watts never told his alleged secret lover that he was married, but he did admit to him that he was a father. The man claims he found out about Shanann in late January or February after meeting up with Watts:

“I got in his Ford pickup and he had his daughter’s with him and the older [daughter] pretty much spilled the beans that he was still married.”

He added:

“She asked him if she could sleep with him and mommy tonight, and that’s when I found out.”

HLN anchor, Ashleigh Banfield, prefaced the shocking interview by saying that the man’s story has not yet been verified. 

The man reportedly first shared his story on a Facebook group called, “Chris Watts — Accused Killer of Shan’Ann Watts and Children”:

As Dearly previously reported, Watts alleged that he killed his wife after watching her strangle their two daughter’s to death through a baby monitor.

However, as People recently reported, a source told the magazine that “there is absolutely no evidence that she killed her children”:

“None at all. And there is physical evidence to tie him to their murders. Strangulation is a very personal way to kill someone, with a lot of physical contact. Just based on the preliminary evidence, everything is consistent with him killing them all.”

Shanann, Celeste, and Belle will be laid to rest on Saturday, September 1.

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