After a young reporter was kissed while doing a live shot earlier this month, the man who harassed her has been identified.

On September 20, while covering a story for WAVE3, journalist Sara Rivest had no idea a man was standing behind her looking at the camera. The man was caught on camera pretending to smack her butt and walking away before coming back moments later and kissing her on the cheek without her consent.

Following the inappropriate incident, Rivest consulted with local law enforcement and filed a complaint. Police said they were looking at the incident as harassment with physical contact.

Now, as Rivest is reporting herself, the man has been identified, charged, and has issued a written apology to the reporter.

According to WAVE3, the man who kissed Rivest is 42-year-old Eric Goodman. He was charged with harassment with physical contact, which is classified as a misdemeanor. Rivest also shared the apology he wrote her.

It read:

Dear Ms. Rivest,

Immediately after being dropped off at the concert with a bachelor party where your reporting began, I made a terrible decision with the intent only to be funny, but was clearly inappropriate and rude.

After watching the video, reading through the posts and listening to your explanation, I have found a new respect for how difficult it must to be a reporter, specifically in this type of environment. I was wrong to interrupt your job, invade your personal space and leave you feeling powerless. Regardless, your ability to maintain a professional composure speaks volume of your strength.

I sincerely apologize and deeply regret my actions where I allow immaturity to humiliate you, myself, and many others. While I have jeopardized my integrity, I am hopeful my future actions will validate the lessons I’ve learned from this mistake. I am so very sorry.

Respectfully, Eric Goodman

Rivest says she “absolutely accept(s) Eric’s apology” and believes “he feels bad and is sincere.”

To see how Rivest initially responded to the incident, watch the video below:

Reporter Shares Poignant Message After Stranger Kisses Her During a Live TV Broadcast Without Her Consent

A reporter is fighting back after a stranger interrupted her live shot to try to kiss her with out her consent.

Posted by Dearly Presents on Wednesday, 25 September 2019

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