Every child needs to be taught lessons, whether in life or in the classroom, but what happens when the lessons they learn harm them for years to come?

In a recent incident caught on camera at a Rite Aid in Glendale, California, an unidentified man and young boy were seen stealing several items — and it was clear the man was teaching the child how to steal.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the man broke a security device off a bottle of liquor and proceeded to stuff the bottle in his pants. He then brought the boy to the candy aisle and hid the stolen items in the child’s backpack.

Following the incident, CBS Los Angeles went to the liquor store to show customers the footage and asked if anyone knew their identities. One shopper, Kevin Sanders Nelson, said that man “should be very ashamed of himself.”

Another shopper, Alinoush Megerdich, told CBS Los Angeles she felt the man’s actions were reprehensible:

“I can’t even imagine that, it’s really bad.”

And her son, 10-year-old Eric Davoudian, said he’s been taught to never do what that other little boy was learning how to do.

He said:

“They say never do it because you can get in very big trouble and go to jail for at least five years.”

Moreover, Sanders Nelson told CBS Los Angeles the man is doing more than stealing with a young boy. He’s also stealing the boy’s potential for a bright future:

“Clearly, he’s setting him up for failure — so eventually, he sees stealing is okay. So what is he going to continue to do? He’s going to continue to steal.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, police estimate the boy’s age to be around 10 years old. However, it’s still unclear what the relationship is between the man and the boy. Regardless, people who were shown the footage don’t think their relationship is a good one — especially for the young boy.

Watch the story below from CBS Los Angeles.:

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