Frederick White was trying to be, “someone I needed when I was younger.”

As WKYC News reports, the 19-year-old from Canton, Ohio, was at a Goodwill store when another customer noticed him buying an armful of coats. He then learned White had bought six coats for $65 and planned to distribute them to the homeless. White later returned to buy hats and gloves, as well.

Inspired by White’s generosity, the man snapped a photo, which his daughter posted on Facebook. Being applauded for his generosity left the teen hoping that it might lead others to do something similar.

White explained that he’d been inspired by another social media post that showed people leaving coats around the city for the homeless. After seeing coats tied to telephone poles with a note urging anyone who needed the coat to take it, White shared the idea on Facebook, saying, “I wanna do this.”

White also knows what it’s like to go without. In the video below, he told WKYC:

“When I was younger, we really didn’t have that much money so it wasn’t like every year we could get a new coat. I had to stick with what I had.”

Even the employees of Goodwill were impressed by White’s actions. One employee called him “amazing,” adding:

“More young adults should be inspired by him.”

And Maureen Ater, an executive with Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, presented White with a $200 gift card in honor of his act of generosity.

White told WKYC it was a high school mentoring program that taught him about making a difference to his community:

“One good deed for each person. Just wake up and do something different.”

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