UPDATE [2/27/19, 8:53 a.m. EST]:  According to WYFF, the generous cookie buyer in South Carolina has turned out to be a man named Detric “Fat” McGowan. WYFF reports that McGowan and 10 others have been arrested on federal drug charges, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration officials.

Additionally, Kayla Dillard, Troop 1574’s cookie sale manager, has not yet commented on the matter but has made her Facebook page with the original viral post private.

A South Carolina Girl Scout troop has exceeded its cookie selling goal thanks to a man outside of a local supermarket on Friday.

According to Kayla Dillard, Troop 1574’s “cookie manager,” it was about 34 degrees in Greenville when a man walked up to their table and purchased seven boxes of Girl Scout cookies, CBS News reports.

Dillard wrote about the encounter on Facebook.


She said:

This man purchased 7 packs of cookies. Gave the girls $40, told them to keep the change.

However, Dillard and her 8-year-old daughter, who is also a member of the troop, never expected the generous customer to return.

Dillard wrote:

Then he came back to the table and said, ‘Pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so y’all can get out of this cold’ $540 he spent on cookies. What an amazing soul!!!!

However, Dillard said she was unable to gather much information about the man. All the troop knows is that he said he owns “several businesses” which is where he plans to take all the cookies.

Nevertheless, the unnamed man did take a photo with two of the Girl Scout members who were there that night. The man also left a lasting impression on Dillard.

According to CBS News, she said:

“That man was just a very kind, sincere and humble man who loves children.”

And thanks to the mysterious customer, the girls sold around 221 boxes of cookies that night. A number that would have normally taken another day and a half to achieve.

Dillard said:

“We actually had to cancel some of our boost sales this weekend because we didn’t have cookies to sell at the booth because he purchased them all.”

Further, Troop 1574 has now sold about 5,000 boxes this season, surpassing their goal of 3,200 boxes. All thanks to the “amazing soul.”

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4 Replies to “Man Arrested After He Went Viral for Buying out Girl Scout Troop’s Cookie Sale to Get Them Out of Cold”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This man was a blessing for those children & I hope God blesses him for having such a big heart!

  • Jo 2 years ago

    Drugs have nothing to do with his compassion and love for kids

  • Cj 2 years ago

    Jo your absolutely right, however its always tge bad thats noticed and remembered never the good.

  • Lisa 2 years ago

    What he did was kind and wonderful. I wish ppl would stop looking to spread negativity.

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