Mama June’s family has had enough of her neglecting her health and that includes her boyfriend Geno Doak.

In a teaser from Friday’s new episode of “Mama June: From Hot to Not,” June can be seen telling Geno that she wants to do the show instead of going to the hospital. This prompts him to run away from her before she follows and begs for him to stay.

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In response, her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 19, tries to tell her that he’s just concerned about her health.

Daily Mail reports that June has been experiencing transient ischemic attacks.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a TIA is often called a ministroke because it produces similar symptoms.

The clinic states that the attack can be seen as a warning and opportunity to prevent a pending stroke. TIAs typically only last a few minutes and cause no permanent damage.

Daily Mail reports that in the episode Geno, 43, is concerned that June is going to have a stroke. As he storms away from her, she questions where he’s going causing the two to argue back and forth.

Her daughters question why she’s chasing him down, but she tells them to just let her go.

During the exchange, Geno calls her several names including “stupid.” Further, he threatens to leave her if she doesn’t go to the hospital.

He yells:

‘If you don’t go to the hospital, I won’t be there when you get home…Bye. F**k off stupid.”

The mother of four sobs and says that Geno doesn’t care about her anymore. Geno yells back:

“Go to the f**king hospital because I can’t help you…Go to the f**king hospital or I’m leaving you…Go to the f**king hospital or we’re not together anymore. Period. Bye.”

At one point in the episode, Pumpkin considers that her mother may actually be “crazy” because she’s chasing down a man that has been talking badly about her.

As Dearly previously reported, on March 13, Mama June and Geno were arrested while at an Alabama gas station. Someone reported a domestic dispute to authorities.

When the responding officer arrived at the scene, he found drug paraphernalia and a white substance in a green pill bottle in their vehicle, which June reportedly claimed to be hers.

Police charged them both with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In addition to those charges, Geno also received a domestic violence charge.

Daily Mail reports that Friday’s episode was filmed prior to their March arrest.

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