Reality star “Mama June” Shannon is no stranger to controversy.

Her family’s popular TLC show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” was cancelled in 2014 after the mom started dating a man who was convicted of molesting her eldest daughter as a child.

But now, Mama June’s continuing to point her finger at ex-husband Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson for subjecting her kids to physical and emotional abuse.

The mother of four first spoke out against her ex in 2017, after the debut of her new show “Mama June: Not to Hot” on WeTV.

Last April, she told talk show host Wendy Williams that Sugar Bear had been abusing her and her kids during their “many, many years together,” E! News reported.

Sugar Bear denied the abuse at the time, and said that he would “never hurt any kid.” He claimed that Mama June was just angry at him for getting remarried.

Now the reality star is bringing up the abuse allegations once again. She says her 17-year-old daughter, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, was put through a lot by her ex.

Dearly previously reported about Pumpkin’s big gender reveal for her first child, and she recently gave birth to a daughter:

Now, after a special episode aired this week that featured a fight between Sugar Bear and Pumpkin, Mama June tweeted out her reaction to it.

During the heated confrontation, Sugar Bear ripped his shirt open and ran towards the teen as she called him a “s**t father.” She had to be restrained by bodyguards, as Sugar Bear yelled at her.

On Friday, Mama June said it happened because Pumpkin was angry at Sugar Bear for subjecting her to so much abuse. The mom tweeted:

Sugar Bear has yet to respond to the reality star’s recent tweets, but Mama June promised there was more drama with her ex to come in the upcoming season of her show.

Watch Sugar Bear and Pumpkin’s heated argument below:

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