Anyone can remember from childhood that sleepovers are a big deal — a nonstop hangout with one’s closest friends. Who would want to miss out on that?

Mason Brian Barclay, a high school student, might answer that no one would, especially him.

However, when he found out one of his best friends, female classmate Houston Shelton, was hosting an all-girls sleepover, he immediately realized he doesn’t pass the “girls-only” rule her parents set.

Barclay decided to act. After obtaining Houston’s mother’s phone number, he crafted his plea for permission to attend the sleepover — and it is gold.

His text began:

“Hey Mrs. Shelton! This is Mason Brian Barclay, I am one of Houstons new bestffriends. [sic] If she had people over on Friday, would I, a very homosexual male, be able to take part in the sleepover.”

He continued, further explaining his reasoning:

“I think the common meaning behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex, when in this case, I do not like opposite sex. Thank you for your time and consideration, have a great night. Amen.”

He waited patiently for Mrs. Shelton to answer — and answer she did, writing:

“Hmm. Well, my husband is hot. Should I worry?”

Barclay seemingly couldn’t laugh hard enough, and judging by the comments on the now-viral tweet, neither could others:

Viral Nova/Facebook

It’s unclear if Barclay actually attended the sleepover, but his courageous tweet definitely inspired laughs and, most of all, a new exception to the rules.

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