Tammie Hedges knew that hundreds of pets would be left vulnerable when Hurricane Florence devastated her home state of North Carolina.

And she couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Hedges owns Crazy’s Claws N Paws, an animal rescue that was not yet legally registered as a shelter by the time the storm arrived, according to USA Today.

She was still in the process of converting a warehouse into a shelter but knew she needed to help local pets left behind by their owners during the evacuation.

So Hedges went out and collected 17 dogs and 10 cats that had been left stranded, she said:

“The owners got to evacuate. They got to save themselves. But who’s going to save those animals? That’s what we did. We saved them.”

The rescuer tended to the animals and medicated those that were sick, saving their lives.

But on Friday, Hedges was arrested for treating the animals, resulting in 12 charges of practicing medicine without a veterinary license.

Crazy’s Claws N Paws posted a list of the charges on Facebook:

1 count of administering amoxicillin to Big Momma, 1 count of administering Tramadol to Big Momma, 3 counts of administering amoxicillin to a white Siamese cat, 3 counts of administering a topical antibiotic ointment (triple antibiotic from Dollar Tree) to a white Siamese cat, 3 counts of administering amoxicillin to a cat known as Sweet Pea, 1 count of administering amoxicillin to an unnamed black kitten, and 1 count of solicitation to commit a crime.

The animals were seized by Wayne County Animal Control, who said it is working to reunite the animals with their owners.

But Hedges isn’t convinced that the animals will be safe. She said that if the owners can’t be located, the animals will be sent to a “kill shelter.”

Hedges was released on $10,000 unsecured bond. She will head to court on October 17, the nonprofit said on Facebook.

A petition has been started calling for Crazy’s Claws N Paws not to be fined for helping the animals. It has over 10,000 signatures so far.

Watch the video below:

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6 Replies to “Woman Opens Makeshift Animal Shelter to Save Pets Abandoned During Hurricane — She Gets Arrested for It”

  • BELINDA DAVIS 3 years ago

    she did nothing wrong this was a storm. they could have died and been hungry. only showing kindness.

  • Laura Edwards 3 years ago

    Extremes circumstances leads to someone stepping in and “rescuing” animals left to die and they punish her. They should punish the owners that abandoned them. She was being a good Samaritan.

  • Amy Faulkner 3 years ago

    If they didn’t want people to medicate animals themselves, the medications shouldn’t be made available at pet supplies stores. You can buy almost every antibiotic available in aquarium versions that are exactly the same as prescription ones for humans at almost every pet supply store, no questions asked. In fact many doomsdayers stockpile them because they are the same.

  • Brenda torres 3 years ago

    These charges are the most petty stupid things i have ever heard of she saved animals during a hurricane and the local animal control got the idea that she would get praised for doing a good deed so they pressed charges who said the elderly couple can take back these animals and if they can’t I guess they get killed just petty bullshit

  • Charlene price 3 years ago

    If they are not filing charges against all those who left their animals to die most of which were left on porches or locked in enclosures. then you need to drop these charges. EXTREME situations require extreme measures. And this was only common sense if you have room you help. She was not charging anyone for services.she just took the animals that people couldn’t take with them so as far as I can see she was treating her own animals.

  • Barbara Keeny 3 years ago

    Its sad when you try to help the helpless animals that were left behind by their owners and you get in trouble with the law. But the owners walk free. Where is justice for the helpers and the animals that would have died if not rescued. I am so happy that the woman who helped them did. She deserves to be rewarded.

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