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The city hall for Augusta, Maine, closed down on Friday after a disturbing incident involving a very disgruntled local man.

According to WDAF, the man, whose identity police haven’t released, stopped by the code enforcement office inside Augusta City Center early Friday to issue a complaint about his former apartment.

The angry man said that his former residence was infested with bed bugs and eventually left the office without issue.

But he wasn’t finished with his bed bug tirade…

Posted by City of Augusta on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The man fetched a cup of the pests and showed them to the manager of his new apartment, who wasn’t pleased.

According to The Kennebec Journal, the manager told the disgruntled man that he was no longer allowed to live in the new apartment, which angered him even further.

The man then returned to Augusta City Center and went to the General Assistance office, where he asked to fill out a form requesting assistance.

But staff at City Center told the man that he didn’t qualify for assistance, according to City Manager William Bridgeo.

That’s when the infuriated man revealed his cup of bed bugs and shouted:

“They’re your problem now!”

Bridgeo said the man then flung the troublesome pests onto the counter. He told The Kennebec Journal:

“He whipped out a cup (full of live bedbugs) and slammed it on the counter, and bam, off they flew, maybe 100 of them.”

Assistant City Manager Ralph St. Pierre was standing nearby and rapidly sprayed the spreading insects with Windex in order to immobilize them.

Bridgeo said he had “never had anything as yucky as this” happen during his many years working at the Augusta City Center.

The staff closed down the office for the rest of the day in order to get the bed bugs under control, but everything returned to business as usual on Monday.

No charges have been filed against the bug-flinging man.

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