A Colorado jogger dubbed the “Mad Pooper” made headlines last week after a concerned mom revealed the jogger had been defecating near her home in view of her children.

According to earlier reports, Colorado Springs mother Cathy Budde said her children ran up to her screaming after they saw the jogger doing her “business” next to their home recently.

The mother told KKTV that she shouted at the woman, who then apologized and ran off. Budde said:

“‘Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids!?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry!'”

Budde thought that would be the last time the woman used the lawn as her personal bathroom, but she continued doing so for weeks. The angry mother eventually contacted local police, who instructed her to film and photograph the jogger.

Now, “a family representative” for the “Mad Pooper” has stepped forward to defend the woman.

According to KRDO, the spokesman identified the jogger only as “Shirley” and went on to justify her unorthodox bathroom habits in a series of videos that have since been removed from YouTube.

He claimed that the jogger had the right to defecate in public, thanks to the First Amendment.

The alleged spokesman also claimed that the jogger pooped on lawns because she suffered a “traumatic brain injury” and had “gender reassignment surgery,” which prevented her from controlling her bowels — though it remains unclear if either of those claims is true.

The man also likened her pooping habits to breastfeeding in public.

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeremy Loew suspects that the videos may have actually just been posted by someone who is close to the jogger, which he said is a bad move. He told KRDO:

“This is actually the worst thing the family could do. Maybe they thought the videos would make the situation go away, but they won’t. People all over the world are talking about this, and police will catch her. The man in the video will also have to be called into court to testify.”

Colorado Springs police are still on the hunt for the jogger. If found, she could be charged with indecent exposure and have to identify as sex offender.

Toilet paper company Charmin has offered the woman a year’s supply of tissue if she turns herself in. No word yet if she’s stopped her strange bathroom habits since the story broke.

Watch KKTV’s coverage below:

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