An Indiana mom was ready to head off for work last Tuesday when she discovered her 4-year-old son was sick and needed to stay home from school.

But instead of hiring a babysitter, 25-year-old Taylor Cumings decided to put the little boy in the care of his 7-year-old brother, who she deemed mature enough to handle the job.

Cumings told WISH:

“To say that a 7-year-old is mature enough to watch a 4-year-old sounds absolutely outrageous. I totally understand people do not know me or my kids and the decision I made.”

She said that her boys knew not to touch the stove or heaters and “not to answer the door for anybody.”

Cumings put on the Christmas classic “Home Alone” for them to watch while she was away at work, Fox59 reports. She said it’s one of their favorite films.

However, it wasn’t long before Munchie police showed up at the home. An anonymous tipster alerted authorities that the boys were without supervision.

Cumings was later arrested and put in jail for the night. She has since been charged with two counts neglect of a dependent.

Her story quickly gained traction on social media and soon caught the eye of an unexpected celebrity, “Home Alone” star, Macaulay Culkin.

The 38-year-old actor shared a link to a news story about the mom, along with an offer.

He wrote:

I’m actually available for babysitting gigs…

However, Cumings doesn’t think her situation is a laughing matter. She told WISH:

“It was humiliating. I am … it was made a joke right now that I’m a bad parent, and none of that is true.”

Cumings said she’s received support from her local community, including donations and offers to help care for her children.

The mom doesn’t plan to ever leave her children alone again but confirmed they will be watching “Home Alone 2” sometime in the near future.

Watch the video below:

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21 Replies to “Macaulay Culkin Jokingly Offers to Babysit After Mom Who Left Kids Watching ‘Home Alone’ Is Charged”

  • Emily 9 months ago

    I’m not about to criticize her because I’ve been in her situation before as a single mother. Instead of ridiculing her, let’s provide her with some alternate resources so that she doesn’t have to resort to such desperate measures. She made the decision on a temporary basis so that she didn’t have to miss work. It’s not like she left them home alone to go do drugs or anything. People seem so quick to criticize these days about situations they’ve never been forced to deal with.

    • Anonymous 9 months ago


      • Anonymous 9 months ago


  • Craig Murphy 9 months ago

    She can’t be entirely irresponsible because she was working to support them. Sometimes, circumstances put you in a bind and the solution is not readily apparent. For one thing, we don’t know anything about her employment and how tolerant the employer is of these circumstances. Perhaps, she reasonably feared being fired. Believe me, our ancestors were put in worse binds than this had to exercise their best judgment.

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      Well were in 2018 not or ancestors’ time. ALOT has changed. We live in a MUCH more dangerous world. What if her smallest would gotten a 104 fever & became unresponsive for any reason. What should that 7yr old do that’s gonna heal that sick baby? Alot could go wrong, as a mother your job is to prevent as many bad things from going wrong as you can, not create the opportunity that allows those bad things to happen. That much IS in her control & she made a very poor choice in doing what was best for her children.

      • Buvie Lincoln 9 months ago

        Shove your shitty opinion where it belongs….right in your rectum. Must be nice to never have to make a decision like that. I bet you would be the first to criticize her if she was fired and had to apply for government help.

  • Jason Brooks 9 months ago

    I’m not saying she wasnt in a bind. I’m not saying she was the worlds worst parent. But common sense should tell you not to leave two kids under 10 alone together and not expect some consequences. I’ve been in binds, I’ve taken my kids to work, I’ve phoned friends and family to watch them. But never has it crossed my mind to leave them alone. I am not saying she was bad, but she acted in poor judgment. In this case.

  • Faith Mcleod 9 months ago

    my children were latchkey kids at the age of 10 and 8. Their Uncle turned me in for neglect and Social Services came and decided that my children were mature enough to watch each other for the hour and a half after school. I just think that a 7 year old is a little too young to take care of a sick child.

  • Shanel 9 months ago

    I used to leave my 8 year old son home alone for full 9 hours shifts and he was always fine. One day I had a maintenance guy come in my apt when only my son was there, and I got worried that he would report me, so I called the police station and they told me that each state has their own legal age limit to leaving your kids home alone and my state Washington, there is no specific age. The officer told me that it’s up to me as a parent to to make the decision if my son was mature enough or old enough and that I could not get into trouble, unless my judgment was wrong and something happened, like he started a fire, or was outside in the street, ect. Ect. Ect. Even the school he attended knew that he stayed home alone all the time. They called him the latchkey kid.. You have to make sacrifices as a single parent. I don’t know her kids, but I know mine and at 8 years old he was very smart, mature and could handle being alone, some kids are not capable of being alone or even on top of being alone, being responsible for another child….

  • Kat 9 months ago

    Well latchkey kid or not you have to be mature as a parent to use common sense what if someone broke in on them what if the wiring was faulty what if one just decided they wanted to do what mommy said not to do and turn on the stove ? There are ALOT if What if’s. Parents need to think think think !!!!! There is Always a friend or a family member that can watch your child or children for a few hours here and there . So I am NOT on any parents side that leaves their children or child home alone under the age of 11 . I use to be a single mom I have been there but I NEVER left my child home alone . That’s just a lazy excuse not to try and find someone to watch your child . Also it’s part of parenting you can’t just leave them Just because you have to work! And if a 4 yr Old was sick he needed his mom not a 7 yr old !!! ???

    • Jessy 9 months ago

      100% Kat!

    • Buvie Lincoln 9 months ago

      I lived im state with no family and no friends….what would I do oh wise one?

  • M.Wright 9 months ago

    I watched all my sisters and brother @ a way younger age than that We are alive and well. The Price of child care is outrageous some people just can’t afford it

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      Your right, child care is so expensive. I could never aired it when mine were all young but i just don’t get why not call the aunt BEFORE you have to get arrested. It’s obvious shes able to take them for her. I do hope she takes advantage of whatever resources are offered to her now that she’s got help from ppl. It’s def hard being a single parent so i wish her luck & hopfully, lesson learned.

      • Anonymous 9 months ago


    • Jessy 9 months ago

      I see your point BUT times are different today. I never think 4 & 7 are acceptable ages to be left home all alone & being sick on top of it, that’s insane. Im sorry but her 1 shift that she couldn’t “afford” a babysitter or couldn’t “afford” to miss the day of work, is now costing her WAY more then she can ever imagine. I bet next time shes gonna do the smart thing (let’s only hope)

      • Peoplesuck 9 months ago

        The smart thing? As in miss work and get fired? Why don’t you come and watch her kids for her? ?‍♀️

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Im not criticizing but am very curious. If your kids call their Aunt because the cops were there & Auntie took them for the night while Mom was in jail, why didn’t mom just call Auntie to babysit those few hours to begin with so the kids were never left alone while mom was working? None of this wouldve happened & mom wouldn’t have been charge with 2 counts of child neglect. It would make more sense to say “she’s a single mom worth no other option but do what she did” then she gets attested & suddenly she’s got an Aubt this while time that is clearly capable of taking care if both her boys for a while night not just a shift. Im just a lilittle confused.

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      *Aunt this whole time

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Wait, so let me see if i understand. You leave your “sick” 4 yr old in the care of a 7 yr old. You tell them NOT to touch the stove, open the door, touch the heater, etc…THEN you place them in front of the tv to watch a movie about a kid LEFT HOME ALONE, that turns his house into dangerous traps, heat elements on door knobs, shooting an electric nail gun, going in & out the house to the store, talking to strangers, cooking in the oven, etc… & that all made sense to do with to very small children? I cant wrap my head around it to justify ANY of her actions. Please don’t make us single moms into a group of dingbats. She could’ve EASILY called out of work NO MATTER WHAT, your babies safety & lives are more important. You get fired? Get another job, make your story go viral & you can be getting calls & offers for jobs instead of offered to watch your kids cuz your too stupid to just ask your neighbor, or your aunt that you so quickly had come to your rescue the second you got locked up. All you gotta do is use your head. You don’t have ONE friend, trusted neighbor, kids friends parent, family member? Yes, you do. She’s the one that took your babies over night while you were in lockup.

    • Debra J Anderson 5 months ago

      100% agree ! Thought the same thing about the movie and the aunt

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