Since the rise in popularity of online shopping, opening one’s mail has increasingly become more and more exciting. Whether it’s new clothes, household necessities, or even a meal delivery, most packages these days come with, well, high expectations.

But when one enthusiastic customer opened her package from LuLaRoe, a clothing company that’s seen its fair share of controversies, she got a little more than what she bargained for.

According to the company’s website, it “exists to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing,” however its mission might have gotten lost along the way.

In a recent post to the Facebook group “LuLaRoe Defective/Ripped/Torn Leggings and Clothes” — a group created after so many clothes sold by the company were found to be defective — a woman uploaded a photo of her new denim jacket.

But the jacket came with a surprise.


Her post read:

Love love love my new Jaxon!!! I was lucky enough to get extra surprises?!?!?! Each pocket was full of adorable little pebbles. I was very surprised!!! Who hid these little rocks in my new beauty?!?!?!

According to Yahoo News, the pebbles were reportedly from a process called “stone-washing” in which jeans are washed with stones and pebbles to fashionably distress the material, however, those stones are supposed to be removed before sent off to customers.

And that’s something people think should take into consideration before reacting:

Yahoo News/Facebook Yahoo News/Facebook Yahoo News/Facebook Yahoo News/Facebook

However, some people are sick of having issues with LuLaRoe’s products:

Yahoo News/Facebook Yahoo News/Facebook Yahoo News/Facebook Yahoo News/Facebook

Though a lot of people find the pebbles to be a nostalgic reminder of their 1980s denim days, seemingly just as many people see it as another unwelcome reminder that LuLaRoe’s products have been subpar — and only time will tell which consumer group will impact the company.

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