Amanda Morgan, a mother of two, decided she wanted to go back to work, so she poured thousands of dollars into LuLaRoe to become a consultant.

According to WUSA 9, Morgan explained she was “going crazy” staying at home with her young children without having a job to go to:

“I wanted to be able to contribute financially. That was my main thing. And I wanted to do something for myself.”

She thought she found the perfect solution that would fit into her life as a mother. So she put close to $10,000 into her initial investment with the company for the position, which included her first $5,000 shipment that was stocked with clothes.

The amount of money she was spending for the position continued to grow as she purchased cameras, a laptop, shipping materials, garment racks, and hangers to help jumpstart her business.

She felt confident in her investment when she began selling the clothes from home:

“In the beginning, it was unbelievably amazing. My launch date — I think I sold 120 items in 24 hours.”

Then things began to go downhill as a policy changed, and more consultants began fighting it out online to score customers. She explained:

“[They] are looking for one item and [they] describe it. And then you’ve got 2,000 consultants fighting for that one sale.”

Morgan wasn’t ready to give up, but as the competition grew rougher, the job began to take over her life.

She said:

“Completely just … I’m no longer a part of the world. My entire life. I was just completely detached because all I did was spend my time on my phone.”

Morgan made the decision to resign almost a year later, after putting her children and family on hold to get the next sale. Luckily, she left after policy changes were made. The new company policy said she would be:

“Refunded 100% of wholesale amount for all returned pieces with no restocking fee. LuLaRoe will also send prepaid shipping labels.”

She was planning on getting money back for all of the unsold items. So once she individually submitted and processed every single piece of clothing — which ended up to be close to 500 returns — she thought the work would be well worth it.

She was wrong.

The new policy was revoked by LuLaRoe after Amanda had already resigned, devastating the mother:

“Oh my God. I just started crying.”

Morgan is stuck now, spending money she didn’t plan on and losing money she counted on getting back. In fact, she predicts she’ll end up at least $5,000 in debt from working for LuLaRoe.

She is responsible for paying the shipping fees for the items on her own, and will only see a 90 percent refund of her merchandise. LuLaRoe finally broke the news to her after she spent five days contacting them for an answer.

Even worse, she was told the bad news in an email, which said:

Waivers that were in place are no longer in effect and our original policies are being enforced.

The unhappy former employee is not alone. Many chimed in to share their anger at the company:

LuLaRoe released a statement regarding the policy:

LuLaRoe provides a fair and generous path to Independent Fashion Retailers who want to exit the business. Last week, we simply reiterated a long-term written policy each Retailer agreed to when he or she signed up. We had temporarily provided a waiver on some of the policy requirements between April and September 2017.

Now, the signatures are flowing in on a petition. The petition was established to fight to get 100 percent of the money back, plus free shipping for LuLaRoe employees who had already started the cancellation process.

See Morgan’s complaint with the company below.

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