It’s only been two months since “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Luke Perry unexpectedly passed away from a massive stroke, but his teen daughter has been busy doing charity work.

Sophie Perry, 18, was in Malawi, Africa, when she got the news that her father had fallen ill and rushed back home to be by his side when he passed, Dearly reported.

She told her social media followers at the time:

I’m not really sure what to say or do in this situation, it’s something you aren’t ever given a lesson on how to handle, especially when it’s all happening in the public eye.

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?miss him a little extra today?

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Sophie has since returned to Malawi, where she’s busy helping build schools in rural areas, according to a GoFundMe page she started to raise money for the project.

On Monday, she revealed that she paid a special tribute to her father through her charity work.

The 18-year-old wrote on Instagram that she named a school that she helped build after her late father, with some help from a friend.

She wrote:

thank you to everybody who donated to help with our projects! Our first school is finished and I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am to see it open on Wednesday. Thank you to my amazing partner Ruben for everything. Especially for fighting to name the school after my dad.

Many social media users applauded Sophie for doing so much charity work despite going through a difficult time. One Instagram commenter wrote:

You are an Angel sent by God to help these people to have a better life! Keep on sweet girl your Dad must be so proud of you.

The GoFundMe for the project has raised more than $9,000 so far. Sophie wrote that they’re aiming to build at least 10 schools in addition to playgrounds and gardens.

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