Luke Bryan, one of country music’s biggest stars, is no stranger to adoring fans. But sometimes those fans can be a little too adoring — especially for a married man.

In a September 2016 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the “Shake It for Me” singer revealed that during his frequent meet-and-greets with fans, a lot of the women “sneak” in a butt grab. Some, he said, even politely ask him for permission.

Suffice it to say that boundaries needed to be set.

As a result, Bryan implemented a new “no butt-grabbing” policy. Of course, any inappropriate touching is unwelcome for the father of two, but his backside had to be exceptionally off-limits.

On Friday, however, Bryan broke his golden-booty rule for one very special fan: Frances Stanaway.

Stanaway is an 88-year-old terminally ill fan of Bryan’s, and she happens to be under the care of Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care — which teamed with the country singer to give Stanaway the night of her life.

The Chesterfield, Missouri, resident told KSHB News her favorite thing about Bryan is, in fact, his craft:

“I like the way he keeps up with his music. I like all the songs.”

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy Bryan’s other “qualities.” When asked if she finds the singer attractive, the 88-year-old responded:

“Oh, heavens, yes!”

And when given the opportunity, she was able to give his backside a feel. Thankfully, the moment was captured in one precious photo:

Her son, Vincent Sokolaski, said this was the happiest he’s seen his mother in a while:

“This is probably the most excited she’s been for six to seven months.”

And her daughter-in-law, Linda, agreed:

“She’s just having a ball tonight.”

But Stanaway’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity isn’t to be mistaken for a new policy on Bryan’s bum — his backside is still off-limits.

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