A San Diego, California, woman married the love of her life — the Santa Fe train station.

Carol Santa Fe, 45, told the Mirror her love for the station began when she was nine years old, though their “relationship” didn’t begin until 2011.

The volunteer support worker identifies as an objectum sexual, or one who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects and structures, like buildings.

Every day, Carol embarks on a 45-minute bus ride to the station to spend some quality time with Daidra, her name for her spouse.

Carol even claims to have “sex” with the building mentally by “leaning against her with clothes on.”


The trains revving up their engines “turns her on” and when she’s touching the building she “feels as though it is actually holding and kissing her.”

Carol explained that when it comes to her love, she wants to be respectful:

“There is a private bit where two walls meet, I go there to touch her,” she said. “I don’t have physical sex with the station in public, I want to be respectful. I wouldn’t do that with a human in public so why would I do it in this case?”

Though the “marriage” between the two is not legally binding, Carol said tying the knot was the happiest day of their lives.

Despite previously being in an 18-month relationship with a man, Carol said the train station is the love of her life because “she would never leave her.”

Although Carol loves the train station, she is careful not to draw too much attention to herself.

“We first consummated our love a few years ago when I felt the wall behind me, and I felt this energy,” she said. “I came close to an orgasm and I was scared I’d get caught by the station staff. I don’t ever want the security guards to find out — I am a closeted objectum sexual. I only hide my sexual attraction to the station because I simply don’t want people to find out and ban me from seeing her.”

According to Mirror, other known objectum sexuals include Erica Eiffel, who married the Eiffel Tower of Paris in 2007, and Eklöf Berliner-Mauer, who married the Berlin Wall in 1979 and is believed to be the first to claim the sexuality.


Erica Eiffel was banned from the Eiffel Tower for public displays of affection and Carol does not want face the same fate. She said:

“It’s not at all because I am ashamed,” she said. “I don’t like to publicly show anything between me and Daidra as I have more respect than that.”

Like any other couple, Carol enjoys walking around, looking at her spouse, and enjoying time together. She even claims to “chat” about things with her lover.

Though some believe her sexuality is actually a mental condition, Carol defended it:

“Objectum sexuality is not a mental illness like the media always makes out. It is our sexuality, just like being lesbian or bisexual. We are not crazy.”

Whether the phenomenon is a legitimate sexuality, fetish, or mental condition is widely debated.

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