Aaron Mitchell was in the path of the deadly storm as Hurricane Harvey came crashing into Texas.

He described to CNN the frightening moment the devastating rain took over the state:

“I felt like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ man. I was scared. I’ve seen a lot of things but that terrified me.”

As CNN reports, the man from Aransas Pass, Texas, lived through the flooding, but he was left with nothing:

“I just lost everything I worked for. Everything. The only thing I got are the clothes on my back.”

He was also left alone.


Mitchell told the reporter that he made a 12-mile trek — battling the water in the dark — to get to his father’s house, but sadly, he didn’t find him there.

The devastated son had no way to reach his mother, Betty, who was in another state, or his father, Brian, whom he couldn’t locate at his home.

Fighting back his emotions, with tears in his eyes, he told CNN’s Nick Valencia:

“There’s been no cell service since Thursday, Friday. Haven’t gotten ahold of anybody. If my mom and dad is watching, I’m okay. My mom’s in Oklahoma and my dad, there’s no telling where my dad’s at. I’m here in Rockport, waiting on you.”

That was when CNN’s crew stepped in, handing him a satellite phone and giving him hope he might be able to reach his dad.


The phone worked, and the man heard his father’s voice on the other end of the call for the first time since the storm hit.

Breaking down in tears the man cried:

“Dad, I love you.”

Mitchell found his father and was no longer alone.


With his heart broken, he described the devastation in Rockport as:

“A disaster. It was beautiful. This was a vacation retreat. They got shrimp boats, everything. And now it’s like Katrina. I seen Katrina, but Katrina didn’t touch this.”

Then he wiped his tears and got ready to get on a bus to Austin, where he would be reunited with his family, including his father.

According to CNN the number of people displaced due to the storm is tremendous:

Federal authorities expect some 30,000 people will need shelter and 45,000 victims will need some sort of disaster assistance.

A large number of Hurricane Harvey victims will need help to survive day-to-day as the rain continues and will need assistance to get through the aftermath of the storm.

Donations can be made to various organizations to help the people in Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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