Actor Lonnie Chavis, who plays young Randall on the hit series “This Is Us,” said he’s not backing down to the bullies who made fun of the gap between his front teeth.

In fact, the 10-year-old took a moment to fight the negativity by standing up for kids who are constantly tormented through harassment and intimidation.  

Chavis explained that he’s keenly aware of the negative impact bullying has on his peers.   

He took to Instagram to deliver a strong message to internet trolls and haters. Chavis said in a video posted Monday: 

All the trolls that have been trolling in my comments, talking about my gap, trolling period. I could get my gap fixed. Braces can fix this, but like, can you fix your heart, though?

There are kids out there killing themselves just because of y’all hating and trolling and doing just crazy stuff.


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He continued in the clip:

It hurts people. People kill themselves, and you’re the one who’s making them doing it. Fix your heart, though. For real. I’m happy that I can handle this.


But there are kids out here …


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Fans applauded the child actor for speaking his truth. Some Instagram commenters wrote:

Not just for kids – I wish most adults who have acted in negative/bullyish unethical cruel immoral ways would listen to your beautiful kind real words. Stay true to who you are – our humanity starts w/treating others how we wish to be treated.

Let them know king! Never fix what god has created! I have one too and I’ve embraced during my childhood.

This made me smile. I have a lisp and always want to correct it. But this makes my heart smile.

This just touched me in so many levels…. Such wisdom at such a young age.

As Dearly previously reported, the psychological effect of harassment contributes to unhealthy behaviors and unintentional deaths and injuries. 

According to the Anti-Bullying Institute, one in seven kids are either a bully or victim, while 35 percent of children in grades K – 12 have  experienced online harassment. 

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