In Hollywood, it’s not always the case that former co-stars stay close after their projects together end. In fact, not only do some once-inseparable actors drift apart, but some don’t even end up on speaking terms.

However, for other former castmates, there will always be love for one another no matter how much time passes. And in the case of “In the House” co-stars LL Cool J and Maia Campbell — who worked on the hit sitcom until 1998 — that’s clearly the case.

Since 2010, Campbell’s struggle with mental health has been a public one.

According to the Huffington Post, since Campbell stopped taking medication for her bipolar disorder, the actress has struggled with legal issues and drug addiction.

In 2010, she was arrested for theft and ordered to a mental health facility — something she openly discussed in a subsequent episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

On top of her health issues, Campbell’s failure to continue medication also resulted in losing custody of her only child. In the 2012 episode of “Iyanla,” she said she would continue to work on her health and addiction issues in order to rebuild a relationship with her daughter.

According to BET, Campbell was thought to be sober — that is, until now.

In a recent video that’s now going viral, Campbell can be seen at a gas station pumping an unknown man’s gas and asking for drugs:

“I want some powder and some crack.”

She is wearing only a bra and underwear.

On top of her remarks about illegal substances, Campbell can also be heard telling the man that she was raped and that a female stripper tried to have sexual relations with her.

Although this isn’t the first alarming video of Campbell — a graphic 2015 recording of the actress went viral after she appeared to be under the influence in a car — it’s clear from the footage that she needed help.

And on Sunday, LL Cool J sprang into action. The 49-year-old actor took to social media to implore anyone with information on her whereabouts to contact him in a now-deleted Instagram post:

But he left up some choice words for the man who recorded her:

Support for the troubled actress began pouring in:

As well as support for LL Cool J’s quick response to the frightening video:

His pleas garnered the attention of thousands, and soon, people began piecing information together:

And it wasn’t long before a local nonprofit, Mission: I’m Possible, stepped in:

Although it’s unclear whether Campbell will be receptive to the help coming her way, some feel the video was a “blessing in disguise” that led the community to come together in Campbell’s honor.

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