Lifetime’s “Little Women” franchise is no stranger to drama, but like all reality shows, some storylines are a lot more real than others.

In the new “Little Women: LA” spinoff, “Little Women: Couples Retreat,” every couple works on progressing their relationships by participating in stress-inducing activities to force them into addressing their problems directly.

In other words, these couples are subjected to a lot of stressful situations.

But during a sneak peek at the next episode, per In Touch Weekly, one of the show’s cast members, Tonya Banks, took “directly” addressing problems to a whole new level.

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Tonya was frustrated with the dynamic between one of the show’s couples, Matt and Briana, so she decided to address it head-on.

But before doing so, she vented during a private interview, saying:

“Since day one, Matt has always tried to interfere with Briana’s relationship with the girls. He is so controlling, it is disgusting. I feel so freakin’ sorry for her. If you want things to not be so uncomfortable, you’ve got to address the pink elephant.”

She then approached the couple in question:

“In order for us to be able to complete this retreat and not have people feeling weird when you guys come around, I think you should apologize to [the group] just so we can have some peace.”

Screenshot/In Touch Weekly

However, she was not met with the response she was looking for. Briana responded:

“My relationship is not a topic [of their] concern.”

They then brought up one woman specifically — Christy. Matt said:

“Christy has never respected me or my wife, and I could care less what Christy thinks, and I’ll never care what Christy thinks — until the end of time, I won’t care.”

Although he said several times that he felt an apology wasn’t necessary, he turned to his wife, asking:

“Do you want me to apologize to everybody? Because if you want me to, I will.”

Screenshot/In Touch Weekly

To which Briana replied with a shrug:

“I feel like you would do what you’re going to do.”

The clip ended with Matt insisting he wasn’t going to apologize to anyone for the way he and his wife interact, but judging by Tonya’s conviction, that definitely won’t be the end of the contentious feud.

To watch the clip, check it out below:

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