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Lifetime’s “Little Women” franchise has captured some of the most “real” moments on reality television.

In the “Little Women: LA” spinoff, “Little Women: Couples Retreat,” partnerships go through a bootcamp of sorts, stepping into a series of stress-inducing situations and in-their-face confrontations. Although there’ve been plenty of dramatic moments, there have been plenty of powerful ones, too.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s episode obtained by In Touch Weekly, fans can witness yet another touching scene between the couples — one that moved almost everyone involved.

One of the exercises led by relationship expert Hasani Pettiford required each person to shout out their fear, or something they hold on to, in front of each other and the world. The challenge was meant to take away the power of whatever each person held on to, allowing them to let it go:

“Here’s your opportunity to take ownership of your demons and to cast that thing out once and for all.”

Some said fear itself, one said “overthinking,” and another said “unforgiving.” But when “Little Women: NY” stars David and Jazmin Lang spoke up, there wasn’t a dry eye in the circle.

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Jazmin bravely yelled out:

“Losing my family.”

And David followed, shouting:

“[The fear of] take[ing] on new challenges.”

Screenshot/In Touch Weekly

In an interview after the moment, Jazmin gushed that it was an entirely “vulnerable” moment between her and her husband:

“Hearing David yelling out his fear gave me goosebumps, I felt his vulnerability and that’s why I held his hand to let him know that even though you have to be vulnerable at this moment, I’m here for you.”

Earlier this month, Jazmin took to Instagram to emphasize just how beneficial the couples retreat was for their five-year long marriage:

Her caption read:

“Putting our marriage first! Making our foundation stronger so that we can have many more years of happiness. Doing a couples retreat for us was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Although reality shows are notorious for adding drama into couples’ lives, the “Little Women” stars’ couples retreat seemed to be just what the love doctor ordered.

To watch the full clip, check out the video below:

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