A Texas mom is under arrest after her 10-year-old daughter went to the school nurse in January with some suspicious injuries.

According to KXAN, the elementary school student showed the nurse her black eye and said that she had been “beaten” by her mother for the past three years.

Court records said the nurse called Child Protective Services (CPS) after observing multiple bruises and scars on the girl.

And when they went to Eunice Alvarez Augusto’s Austin home, the 30-year-old mother made a startling admission about how she chose to “discipline” her daughter.

Austin Police Department

When interviewed by officers, the mom admitted that she went to extreme measures to “discipline her out-of-control daughter” and claimed she went “blind” while being beaten, KVUE reports.

Augusto admitted to using a number of objects around the house to beat the 10-year-old, including a table leg, extension cord, and a pair of cowboy boots.

The mom even admitted she once stepped on the little girl’s hand with a boot “until her bones cracked,” KXAN reports.

According to CBS Austin, she said that because of her hot temper, she sometimes worried that she would end up killing the girl in anger.

CPS rushed the 10-year-old to the Dell Children’s Medical Center emergency room where doctors assessed her injuries and determined she had endured “prolonged child physical abuse,” KXAN reports.

Screenshot/Google Maps

She had two lower spine fractures, hand fractures, a scalp hematoma, and other injuries that were in various states of healing. Her left leg was swollen, and doctors said she will likely be permanently disfigured, KVUE reports.

Authorities said the girl’s injuries were consistent with child torture.

Augusto was arrested and charged with injury to a child. She was brought to Travis County Jail and is currently being held on $100,000 bond.

If sentenced for the crime, she could face up to 99 years behind bars.

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