What was supposed to be an exciting time for a little girl visiting newborn twins at the hospital turned into a nightmare when she was left alone with a man in the same room.

Greene County Sheriff’s Office

As the Springfield News-Leader reported Monday, an 11-year-old girl went to Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, in August to visit a woman who had just given birth to twins. While she was there, she was left alone in a room with David Saffeels; he was reportedly visiting the same woman.

The little girl told investigators she was lying on a couch when the 57-year-old man started rubbing his hand near her groin and took off her shorts. He then allegedly proceeded to rape her.

According to KY3, a probable cause statement noted Saffeels raped the little girl a second time the following morning when they were left alone again. The girl told investigators she was too scared to tell anyone.

Investigators wrote in a statement that a third incident occurred a few weeks later when the little girl and Saffeels were at an acquaintance’s home. The relationship between Saffeels and the child has not been reported at this time.

Authorities arrested Saffeels during a traffic stop last Friday. As the News-Leader reported, Saffeels described the 11-year-old as “sexually provocative” in a statement, stating she wore short shorts and sat with her legs spread apart. He said at one point, the girl had eaten a popsicle in a suggestive manner in front of him.

In a statement, Cox Hospital spokeswoman Kaitlyn McConnell said they were not aware of the alleged incident when it occurred but that they are working with investigators:

“We are fully cooperating with the Springfield Police Department and are taking this matter seriously.”

Saffeels is being held at the Greene County Jail on three counts of statutory rape, three counts of statutory sodomy and one count of child molestation, per KY3. His bond was set at $500,000, according to the News-Leader.

He is also being charged with furnishing pornographic material to a minor. Saffeels reportedly told investigators the girl had seen a picture of his penis on his phone but that he had not given her his phone.

As the Associated Press reported, Saffeels’s charges stem from another alleged crime against a child as well. As recently as last week, Saffeels reportedly assaulted a 2-year-old.

According to the News-Leader, Saffeels was at the home of the toddler’s mother while she was taking a nap. When the mother woke up, the child was crying, and she noticed her daughter’s diaper was crooked. Later that evening, when the girl’s father was trying to give the little girl a bath, she cried “ouch” and “no” as she covered her groin.

The mother told investigators she knew Saffeels was a registered sex offender. He was sentenced to eight years in prison following a 2002 conviction for similar crimes committed against a 6-year-old.

Saffeels has denied all charges against him.

According to RAINN, 93 percent of victims of sexual abuse know their perpetrator. Thirty-four percent are family members, while 59 percent are reported acquaintances.

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