Amanda Jones said her daughter’s cries of “ouch” should have been enough to stop her teacher. As Jones wrote in a post on Facebook, she was furious that her daughter came home from school with pierced ears.

Well, sort of.

Jones explained her daughter, Karli, had a “dent” in her ears from when they were initially pieced as a 3-year-old. Over time, the holes eventually closed. A teacher at Karli’s school mistook the closed hole for a piercing and “shoved” earrings through at the little girl’s request.

Jones wrote:

Seriously f*****g p****d right now. My daughter went to school without pierced ears and came home with them pierced. The one side is bruised. She said one of the teachers did it … My daughter said ouch but didn’t say stop. So apparently that makes it alright.

As GoodtoKnow reports, commenters were shocked by the mom’s account of what happened. Jones claimed her daughter told the teacher she had pierced ears, which had been true at one point. In a comment on her Facebook, she added:

My daughter is not good with decision making or time frames. She had them pierced when I was with my ex-husband in 2013 for a week. So Karli will still say they are pierced because she knows she got them pierced at one time.

By now though the holes had closed up, a fact Jones was aware of through her “failed” attempts at putting earrings in her daughter’s ears:

The teacher asked and saw the dents where the holes had been and pushed the earrings through. Karli said ouch that is it. I don’t understand how you can’t tell holes are closed. You need some force behind pushing an earring through a closed hole. I know I have pierced my own ears.

Jones further pointed to the bruise on her daughter’s ear, indicating her belief force had been used to insert the earrings. Moreover, the mother wrote she had no idea where the earrings came from, which had since been taken by school police as evidence:

Apparently they just have them at the school. I don’t know.

Jones reportedly confronted her daughter’s teacher who confessed to the action. The teacher claimed the little girl had said her ears were pierced. For Jones, that force allegedly had to be used to put earrings in was an indication the ears were not pieced:

As Jones explained further:

But [the teacher] said Karli said they were pierced which they were for a week when she was 3 years old. They have long since closed. She hasn’t expressed the want to have them repierced so I haven’t done it. The teacher had to [have] pushed the earrings through with force. Karli said ouch. Why would you continue, and why would you even put earrings in even if a kid said they wanted them without contacting a parent.

Jones said on her post that her daughter’s teacher allegedly explained some earring holes never close, to which Jones replied:

Stop making an excuse!! Trying to make me look like a stupid over reacting mother.

Jones wrote she plans on taking her daughter to the doctors and is contemplating legal action. The school is currently working with Jones to determine exactly what happened.

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