Pennsylvania mom Shevel Simonetti was at a church service last Sunday when she spotted her daughter having a heartwarming moment with another little girl.

The stay-at-home mom, who is married to a youth pastor at Freedom Life Church, told Dearly that her daughter Addison was sitting at the altar in tears after having a difficult week:

“Addison has been having a rough time in school and sadly with self image already at such a young age. It breaks my heart as a parent but to see her run to the altar and lay it before God was so inspiring.”

But soon, a friend arrived to comfort the her little one.

Shevel Simonetti

Hannah, the church pastor’s daughter, wrapped her arm around Addison and comforted her as she cried. The mother of three told Dearly:

“When Hannah came up and laid beside her and just held her tears filled my eyes. Their friendship is so genuine and inspiring.”

Simonetti posted a photo of the two little girls to Facebook, where the image went unexpectedly viral.

Since the photo was posted to Facebook last week, it has garnered more than 28,000 shares and thousands of comments filled with support.

Simonetti said that the massive response to her post made her emotional and she now hopes her message of friendship is heard loud and clear.

She told Dearly:

“My hope is that everyone can find friendships like that. We all have struggles. We all face difficult times. This world is already filled with so much hate and judgment. My hope is unity. My hope is to spread love and positivity. You don’t have to walk through life alone. You have a God who loves you more then anything. Find someone who will stand with you in this life and be that for someone else also. I think everyone has some form of love to offer.”

Luckily, it seems her own daughter has a precious friend to help her weather the storm.

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