In 1991, Jamie Smith was known only as “Baby Jane.”

She was just three days old when she was found, abandoned, in the backseat of a car in Fostoria, Ohio. And for years, Jamie had always hoped she would one day learn about her biological mom.


Jamie told 13ABC that she wasn’t searching for her biological mom because she felt like she missed out on anything, just that she was curious about where she came from:

“I have a very loving family. I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I’ve run through every scenario in my head, and I just have to hope that this was what was going to be better for me.”

In an attempt to get her biological mom’s attention through social media, Smith created a Facebook post dedicated to her story, sharing an old article from when she was found abandoned.

All it took was one share from a friend to end the 26-year-long mystery. Smith explained to WTVG:

“She said she was scrolling on Facebook one day and one of her friends shared my post. She says she saw it and she froze. She said I knew it was you.”

Smith was on a family vacation when her biological mom first tried to get in contact with her. A DNA test proved that it was true.

She described their first meeting on Facebook:

It was an amazing experience, a day I questioned whether or not would happen my entire life. It was beautiful, and surreal. She is lovely. They all were. And she has answered all of my questions thus far.

Please know that she does not want the attention, and I am going to respect her wishes to the fullest. Therefore, I will not be sharing her name, or location.

After getting a chance to talk with the woman who gave birth to her, Smith learned her birthday was March 22, not March 21, and that she has two half-sisters, as well as two nephews.

But why was Smith abandoned in the first place?

According to WTVG, the woman told Smith that she “was a scared, desperate teenager, who was alone when Smith was born.” She went on to further admit that she didn’t believe she could take proper care of Smith on her own.

The 26-year-old acknowledged that the overwhelming information made her emotional, and still does. However, she’s also understanding.

Smith added that she’s thankful for all of the support she’s received from her adoptive parents, friends, and other family members during her search for her biological mom.

She’s just happy that where she came from is no longer a lifelong mystery.

Smith plans on getting to meet her half-sisters and her nephews sometime soon.

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