LeBron James’s pride in his wife is obvious. There’s just one part that could have moms everywhere rolling their eyes.

Damn you're Stunning!! Lead the way Beautiful!! Happy Beautiful B-day my ??!! Proud of everything you've become and what…

Posted by LeBron James on Sunday, August 27, 2017

As Mamamia reports, the basketball star posted a sweet tribute to his wife, Savannah, on Facebook. In it, LeBron honors his “beautiful” and “stunning” wife on her birthday:

Proud of everything you’ve become and what’s more exciting is you’re still growing into your own! I’m lucky I get to be apart of it all! Love you so much and it’s an honor to be your husband but more importantly your best friend!

The pair are childhood sweethearts and have three children together — she became pregnant with their oldest child during her senior year of high school.

However, the sweet message ends on a strange note:

Oh, by the way, this is a mother of three kids (all natural birth). #Sheesh

In the comments, people were happy to pass on birthday wishes to Savannah, but a few wondered about LeBron’s decision to single out “natural” birth:


More than one woman weighed in to point out that no method of delivery makes the mom better, more deserving, or otherwise brag-worthy:


Moreover, suggesting a mom should be celebrated for “natural” birth implies some kind of failure for moms who have C-sections, opt for drugs during labor, or otherwise miss the vague standard of “natural”:


Doubtless, LeBron was just trying to celebrate the mother of his children and didn’t know that birth and delivery can be something of a minefield for moms. However, as Mamamia points out, it’s worth reinforcing that how your children are born doesn’t make you more (or less) of a mother. There’s only one thing that matters:

“Can we please all join hands across the internet and just quickly and firmly agree that a healthy baby and a healthy mother is what counts when it comes to birth?”


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